Build Your Own Aged 5 Bottle Box With Heritage Glass

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Box of 5 Ales + 1 Glass

Imperial Stout – ABV 8.0%, 750ml – Inspired by a variety of stronger recipes from Lacons past. This magnificent stout floods the palette with mighty malt flavours and roasted notes, balanced by hints of irresistible stone fruits.

Yarmouth Strong – ABV 7.0%, 750ml – Overflowing with heritage this rich bitter has been brewed with a malt brought back from the 1800s . It’s complex depths are enhanced by notes of berries and figs with a lovely velvety mouth feel.

Audit Ale – ABV 8 .0%, 750ml – Dark copper barley wine bursting with marvellous marmalade aromas. Berries and spice cascade the palette followed by a smooth sweet finish. An exceptional example of a unique style of beer and won champion beer of Britain at the great British beer festival 2019.

Old Nogg –  ABV 6.0%, 750ml – Charming dark ale slightly nutty with an abundance of warm woody tones. Hints of dark fruits and a delightful pine aroma tingle the sense.

  • Old Nogg



  • Audit Ale


  • Yarmouth Strong


  • Imperial stout


  • Heritage Glass


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Our heritage ales are created from recipes in our archives just with modern-day expressions. All left to age gracefully for a bare minimum of 3 months to develop further character.

As they are bottle conditioned we recommend chilling them for about 48 hours before serving and let the ale settle before drinking. Pour gently and leave sediment in the bottle.


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