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As part of Cask Ale Week 2020, 11 beers were selected in total, 1 for each day of festivities.

Legacy was selected by the wonderful Emma Inch to have its day in the limelight.  This year the strap line was “Fresh Pub Beer” reflecting the unique quality of cask – and most importantly helping to drive and encourage people to support their local pubs in these unprecedented times.

Cask Ale Week 2020, Legacy In The Limelight.

Emma’s reasons behind choosing Legacy for Beer Of The Day, resonated with many of us.  She recalled how it was her very first pint of cask ale after 4 months spent shielding and the taste was just unforgettable.

“I drank it – in what seemed like a few short gulps – whilst standing on a Suffolk beach, staring at the sunset.  Like all good beer, it gave me hope.”

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