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We’ve been brewing beers so long that even Nelson and his merry men enjoyed a few Lacons beers!


“I can’t recommend Lacons Heritage Range highly enough.  They’re ALL great.  Yarmouth Strong has woody tannins, firm bitterness balancing fig and fruitcake, plus a really great foam and mouthfeel after a few years in the bottle.”

Neil. Twitter 2020

In 2013 we brought back to life an archive of ancient recipes but with our own modern expressions and created our aged collection.  Our heritage range are based on recipes from the Lacons archives spanning over 250 years, each beer is hand crafted following some of our most iconic recipes and left to age gracefully over time.

The 4 beers in our Heritage Range are all bottle conditioned, a traditional brewers technique and natural method of adding fizz and a pleasant foamy head.  A small amount of brewers yeast is added to each bottle which kick-starts a secondary fermentation, adding more body and mouth feel to the beer as the flavours develop over time.

Today our Audit Ale is multi award-winning, recently crowned Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2019 at the Great British Beer Festival.

We chose 4 iconic recipes to revive including our Audit Ale.  An ancient beer style dating back to the 14th century, brewed specifically for the University of Cambridge and Oxford to mark the finalising of their annual audit.  A strong beer at 8%,  Audit Ale was enjoyed by Dons throughout the festivities and must have made for very merry celebrations!  We’ve brewed our Audit Ale for Cambridge Colleges for decades and in 1937 such was the splendour of this beer, that Americans studying at the college arranged to have a batch of each annual brew exported to America, this in itself was a huge accolade for the brewery.

Other beers include, Old Nogg a 6.0%  a charming dark ale slightly nutty with an abundance of warm woody tones.  Hints of dark fruits and a delightful pine aroma tingle the senses.  Imperial Stout is inspired by a variety of stronger recipes from Lacons past, this magnificent stout floods the palette with mighty malt flavours and roasted notes , balanced by hints of irresistible stone fruits.

These great ales are all still winning awards to this day which reaffirms the talent of Lacons brewers dating back over 200 years.  If they could see these beers now we know they would be proud.

We recommend chilling them for about 48 hours before serving and let the ale settle before drinking.  Pour gently leaving sediment in the bottle.  Sit back contemplate the best things in life and enjoy!

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