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Travel back through the past with us as we connect the unique dynasty of Lacons with the multi award winning “Lacons Of Today”.

Explore an extensive range of artefacts and memorabilia from a brewery that once dominated Eastern England.  The collection maps the rich journey from the establishment of Lacons in 1760 in Great Yarmouth’s medieval rows to its successful move into a purpose built brewery that had foundations laid in June 1895.

From the comfort of your own home, you can explore the history surrounding the acquisition by giant Metroplitan Brewery, Whitbread and subsequent closure of Lacons brewery in the 1960’s up until 2013 when we finally regained our independence.

Many collectors and enthusiasts have donated countless hours and objects showcasing the great achievements of the brewery and its public houses over 250 years.

On your virtual tour of the museum discover more facts and historic details by clicking on the individual tags.  Learn why Lacons ancient strain of yeast makes our beers so unique and watch a Lacons lager and Lime television commercial from the 1980’s!  Zoom in and get up close to explore brewery memorabilia including pub signage carrying the iconic falcon emblem and original bottles that surprisingly still remain unopened some 60 years since production.  You can also virtually step back in time to an original brewery tour from 1957!

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