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With pride for our heritage, we continue to embrace the old and the new.


Established in 1760 Lacons beers were branded with the original falcon crest belonging to the Lacons family.  This was the case up until the big buy-out by Whitbread Brewery in the 1960’s who then closed Lacons down after just two years.

In 2013 we reclaimed our independence and the Falcon crest was evolved to represent the bird coming into land, symbolising the return of Lacons Brewery after 45 years. This remains part of our historic branding and is recognised by so many and remains associated with our Aged and Seasonal beers.

Above all else, we are and always have been a forward-looking business, and 2020 is the time for our core range to springboard into the modern era with a bold and beautiful new look

Lacons Brand Timeline
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